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A Java Bytecodes generator for the Haskell language. Page last modified on September 03, 2000.

Haskell is a general purpose, purely-functional programming language. Haskell actually does not have a great success in the industry compared to C++, Java or Visual Basic. However, Haskell is used in many universities for its qualities. I think Haskell has many strength over actual imperative object oriented languages like C++ or Java making it a good choice for many projects. IMHO the best optimizing Haskell compiler is GHC developed at the University of Glasgow Computing Science Department.

My goal is to build a new backend (named Jaskell) for GHC to enable it to produce Java byte code. With Jaskell, it is possible to build Java applets or Java applications using the Haskell language. For example, you can give a look to the N-Queens Problem solved with Jaskell. Jaskell was my diploma project. I am doing it at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Computer Design Laboratory.

  • The initial description of this project (this file is now a bit outdated but is kept here for reference).
  • The actual description of this project.
  • Case study: the N-Queens Problem. This applet could take several minutes to load since their are many files to download. You can also look at a snapshot here (solving the 11-Queens problems takes about 30 seconds on my computer).
  • The Jaskell Projet, a 50 pages report is available in Postscript or in PDF (get the PDF file only if you can't read or print the Postscript one).
  • Still looking for more information about Jaskell? Then please send me an email.

Here are some links to other with usefull pieces of software or documentation I used somehow in the Jaskell Project:

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